Feb. 1st, 2012

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The reason I made this blog was to log the watchings of movies throughout the year.

I think at this point it was an utter failure. Fun for when it lasted, though!
We'll get to all of those movies someday.

I'm just not a movie person. While I have no problem watching 5-10 episodes of anime in a row, a movie really grates on me at the half hour point. I suppose I need some form of cliffhanger at every half hour point or so. Maybe it's mostly because I'm 2Dsexual. Who knows.

The only movie I've watched since that last post was Redline. Yes, again. My sister and I both love the movie so much, and seeing it on the big screen is really something. We still haven't watched the special features!

Aaaaand on to other things.

1. Kaiba

Last week I watched the entirety of Kaiba. I had gone into it knowing little aside from the simple art style and the plot focus on memories, but I was really drawn in. While I was really confused at first, piecing things together felt really achieving and I was drawn to most of the characters. The singular stories in the beginning I appreciated most, but the finale was also really great. I'd give it a solid 9/10. Something kept it from a 10/10 and I can't really place it.

2. Mawaru Penguindrum

I have yet to finish it at this point. I'm having a bit of trouble continuing it. I'm at the 15/24 episode point. I first watched this when it was airing and was really confused by the episodes when there was a week in between each episode.... So I dropped it. And gg came out with a batch recently so I picked it back up! I like Ringo the most. While the plot is somewhat interesting, there are a lot of grating features to it....

Number 1 pain in the ass: the penguins. I feel they take so much out of the show. I don't know if they actually have anything to do with anything yet, but they piss me off immensely whenever they are on screen and they also get a rise out of my declining bird phobia, which is REALLY strange and irritating.

Number 2 pain in the ass: Himari's VA. Block of wood. Boring as heck. Makes me want to stop watching.

Anyhow... despite these complaints I am really enjoying it. Ringo makes everything better, I swear. She is a perfect princess.

3. C

I'm at Episode 5 of 11. The first episode really made me love it. It was that same exciting feeling the first episode of Eden of the East had given me. That creativity on a rather foreign subject matter or way of presentation. I mean, the economy? Really? Cool! But episode 2 and on was an utter disappointment.... Similar to Eden of the East, except it dropped at like episode 10 and the movies reek, too. Maybe it'll pick up, who knows. There's just too much focus on I Want To Be A Good Person And Be Average when there is just so much potential past that. I like Mushyu. She's a cutis patootis. Main character is awful, though.... Not as a character, but as a main character.

4. Chihayafuru

This has been the most enjoyable anime I have watched.... ever perhaps. This anime has truly touched me in a lot of ways, especially the characters. While a character like Chihaya is rather difficult to relate to (for me, anyway), I find Tsutomu so... personal it kind of hurts.

It's kind of inspiring seeing the characters work forward, especially Tsutomu and Kana, who are the beginners, though devlopment is obvious across all the main characters. I really want to play Karuta, but unfortunately I know nada Japanese!!! The way Kana talks about it, though, it seems so charismatic and charming. The episode where she is introduced... I've watched it too many times. I love Kana. uwu

5. Someone please give me a free PS3 so I can play my video games I got as b-day gifts. I have clocked about 20 minutes one each one the day of and have had 0 opportunity to play them since my brother is a dick.



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