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It's been a while hasn't it?

I kind of forgot about this blog, so I guess I'll apologize for that.

I haven't seen many movies since my last update. That's kind of sad, huh? I've watched a bit of anime, though.

Let's catch up on the movies I DID watch.

1. Pride and Prejudice

Okay, I only watched about half of this (if I had the choice I would have finished it). A very enjoyable film. :) Keira Knightley's neck is very long, almost distracting because of its length... I hope to finish it someday. Scenery is very beautiful.

2. Puss in Boots

This was a joke gift to my sister, but we decided to watch it anyway. First off, by no means is this movie good at ALL. On the contrary, it's really rather terrible. However, there are quite a few genuinely hilarious parts which makes it worthwhile to rewatch for those alone. That damn terrifying egg!

3. Arietty

I saw this in theatres. This movie was a real improvement from the last Ghibli film I saw, which was Ponyo. I hate Ponyo. Arietty was very excellent though. Really charming!! I don't have much to say past that except the bara dad was uh... very bara ; )

And I think that's all movie-wise.

Now, ANIME WISE..... I have quite a bit to talk about....

Okay, first off let's get the big one off my chest.

I am terribly in love with JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

My TL was ranting and raving about it and I somehow got caught up in it, too...

Currently, I'm reading through part 6, but that hasn't stopped me from already purchasing figures from the series... I've got a very nice Joseph and Caesar SAS duo, and I also got Banpresto's Weather Report struttin his stuff on my shelf.

I don't know what's attracting me to it so much.... I just love everything about it. I'm desperately in love. I just don't want it to ever stop!! I've never felt this way before!! I'M IN LOVE WITH MISTA!!!!!!!!!

Perhaps it's the extreme eyebrows and mullets everywhere! Or perhaps the ceaseless bare midriffs or chest windows!! Or the fact that most everyone is a dumb child sans Giorno!! Who knows!! I'm just in love!!

And my wallet is weeping!!

I'm really looking for the day I can get a Mista SAS for a decent price..... or even the RAH... : ) I really love Mista, I do. He's a dumb lovable baby.

And well, 2, I guess: I caught up with One Piece, manga-wise.

Really good stuff. Oda can really get you attached to the characters.... Marineford arc and directly afterwards had me bawling. It also helped me come to terms with some deaths of my own relations....

3. Fullmetal Alchemist

I'm watching the first season right now, and i'm about at the halfway point. I remember a lot of these episodes from middle school, but it's also a rather new experience for me. I'm really enjoying it (though the insert plot and characters are so painfully obvious).

And even more unrelated from films!!

Last Spring, while I was in North Carolina, I picked up a couple of games for a doon each at a Goodwill.

+Earthworm Jim for SNES
+Megamam 1 for NES
+Megaman 2 for NES
+Megaman X for SNES
+Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Collector's Edition for N64

All for a dollar each. That's five dollars for all that. And all in near perfect condition.

Now, unfortunately, I never had a NES or SNES, but I do have a N64 (the lovely green skeleton Donkey Kong limited edition)

For some reason, though, I never got around to plugging it in until yesterday? And I've never played Ocarina of Time before, too? Well, I'm having fun and I don't have much to say on the manner.

I named Link "BUTTFART". For kicks.

Well, perhaps I'll type more later.
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Since my last post I've seen two movies: Contagion and District 9. And Shrek but everyone has seen Shrek before.

My dad recently figures out a sure way to get free movies from Blockbuster movie boxes (in a legal way, too!) so we've been doing that.


1. Contagion

Contagion was something I really wanted to see. I love apocalyptic kind of settings (due to disasters, disease, etc.) so this seems like it would be right up my alley. I'll give it that it was interesting but.... It was not quite disastrous enough for me!! I liked the beginning where it showed everybody transmitting diseases (very similar to Manhole... Now that I think of it eerily similar!!) It was too long for my liking and was just rather... anti-climactic. Whatever.

2. District 9

My sister suggested this one to me, so we watched it. I wasn't really sure what to expect, but I really loved it. Christopher is so damn Moe, and Wikus (when not being an asshole) was pretty moe, too. I liked the documentary-esque feel to the film. The mecha scene was really well-done, too. I really wish this studio would do some mecha-type film. Like, yeesh! Imagine a live-action Break Blade film with that excellent meshing. Anyway I don't have much to say on this movie except I really enjoyed it.

And onto other things (anime! of course)

1. Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou

Easily one of the funniest anime I have seen in a while. While some gags can be a bit too long for the humour, some are just outrageously funny. Namely, I love the scenes where Imouto is involved, and Karasawa is my favourite so I can generally find anything hilarious in him. (Also he makes my heart doki it is the most unusual thing ever) But yeah, I'm highly anticipating this Tuesday, since new DanKou Nichijou and a new Chihayafuru!! Double doozie for my favourite currently airing anime!

2. Thermae Romae

If you have not seen this, please get on it. It is also hilarious!! I am chuckling just thinking about it. I have hardly a single valid thought on it.

3. Kaiji

Not that I've been watching Kaiji or anything recently, but I have this strong temptation to own everything Kaiji in the world.

I think it started when I impulse ordered a Kaiji game for the PSX for 20 doons off ebay. I certainly don't regret it, but I think it sparked a strange obsession with buying strange Kaiji things.

I recently got in a guide book that covers all of the manga released which 1. I cannot read it 2. I have not read much of any of the manga

But it is so interesting! I am also eyeing a broken Kaiji slot machine being sold..... It's a tempting thing, aye.

Well, not much else to say. See you.
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Tonight we watched Arabesque starring Gregory Peck! My sister has a Gregory Peck film collection, so we picked one of the few she had seen. I hadn't seen it before.

It was pretty hit or miss with me. I really love Gregory Peck and how in a lot of his roles he is a glorious asshole. In this one I still really appreciated his character (I'm a sucker for terrible jokes), but all the rest of the characters and plot just didn't do it for me. The beginning of the movie was terribly interesting, but past that it was a pure drag. What stereotyping, too!

From now, I have no idea as to what we'll be watching tomorrow. Alls I know is that I'm rather tired.

Last night I finished Fate/Zero and I'm very excited for the second part to start in April. Waver and Rider are really just such charming characters. Oddly enough, Ryuunosuke and Caster are very interesting to me, too.... Even though they are grand monsters themselves.... Scary as fuck, I'd say.

I'm also really getting back into Katekyou Hitman Reborn!. I was really into it when I was in middle school, but just recently I picked it up again and I am now into the Future arc. It feels pretty odd, but I'm at a point now where it is entirely new material to me. When I stopped last time was around episode 80 which was near the beginning of the Future arc... Of course, I'm reading it this time, so I'm not sure how it correlates. To think I once kept up with this show! What dedication to stick through 80 episodes straight.... I think the only time I've been so devoted was Inazuma Eleven or Yumeiro Patissiere, heh. Anyhow, I'm really enjoying it despite how silly the plot is many times. My inner 14 year old is in love with Hibari - for his looks and his personality, and it's baffling me how silly it feels. My overall favourite has always been Lambo (5 year old form is my favourite), along with Ryouhei and Haru, but Hibari is killing me this time around. It's really moe when he is all forgetful and baby baby..... Alright, enough of that, self!

Nisemonogatari - I watched Bakemonogatari when it was airing to see what the rage was about it, and I have a tsundere like for it. Problem #1. I hate SHAFT. Problem #2. I hate Senjyougahara. These are two very big problems. Luckily, the rest of the characters make up for those two points and I found myself really liking the series.

Nisemonogatari had a very nice first episode if you removed the Senjyougahara beginning. She is so pretentious it drives me up a wall. I really enjoy Mayoi's and Araragi's interactions, so the rest of the episode is nice. I'm looking forward to more.

And on SHAFT... Hate is a strong word. I just find myself disliking most of their works. I'll admit I adore Arakawa Under the Bridge and its sequel, and Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei tickles my funny bone at times (I haven't watched Goku or Zan yet), but many of their works just don't fit me.

My least favourite would have to be Dance of the Vampire Bund or Madoka Magica. Dance of the Vampire Bund is just purely terrible. Madoka Magica.... I will admit the premise is interesting, but the characters are so trite (aside from QB and Homura) that the whole 12 episodes felt like a waste of something that could have been much more interesting.

I've been thinking of rewatching Madoka, though.... So many of my friends adore it, and it almost feels like I am missing something. I wonder if I watched it with my hate goggles on? It almost feels like it.

Anyhow, good day to you.

wah wah wah

Jan. 7th, 2012 10:45 pm
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Tonight we watched Crybaby!! I thought it would be pretty serious, but man was that quickly thrown out the window. Another really good movie. Hatchet-face is adorable and Wanda is such a babe. Really good parents, too. Really really loved it. Wanted to draw all of the Drapes.

I mentioned Roman Holiday, so we might watch that tomorrow and then go through all of Gregory Peck's films. Past that.... well, we have no idea!!

Redline comes out on Blu-Ray on the 17th, and I'm hoping I can pick it up so we can finally watch it together. I've been talking about it for so many months, the two of us watching it. My hopes can finally be realized!! Something to be very excited about.

I also watched the first three episodes of Irresponsible Captain Taylor. I'm personally not that fond of space-themed shows. I find the space battles and things a bit too irritating. (Some Gundams and Legend of the Galactic Heroes aside) Tylor is enough to keep me loving it, though. What a cute sincere dude!

And I was talking to a friend about Fate/Stay Night's ending and I realized I hadn't finished Fate/Zero. I'm on it right now, and boy.... I've got three more episodes, but this show sure is a ride. Quality is always amazing (though I did see some low points in episode nine. Poor Irisviel). Surprisingly, I'm hardly interested in Saber and co. at all.... despite my love for Saber!! Rider and Waver are just so charismatic.... Many of the characters are.

And I also have to say this about episode 10... I think it has been my favourite so far. I'm personally really afraid of the dark, let along being by myself in the dark. Rin's adventure seriously scared me as she went through the alley ways, especially when you know the motives of Caster's master (cannot think of his name) and Rin's age. It made me realize I really love Rin. She's more of my baby than Saber I think. My Fate baby. (◡‿◡✿)

Well, enough of that. A good night to you.


Jan. 6th, 2012 09:50 pm
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Like I mentioned in my last post, I continued with the movie thing. Tonight it was a toss up between Crybaby and Superstar, and I closed my eyes and picked out Superstar of the two.

My sister had described a scene where the main lead is using a vibrator and it shoots out of her cooch and lands in a cake. Wrong movie, though!! It was pretty sweet and funny. Mary is a super sweet girl and I really liked Helen, too.

Tomorrow night we'll be watching Crybaby. Looks pretty moe, so we'll just have to see.

Also I forgot this on my list of favourite movies.... Pretty dumb.

Millennium Actress is my favourite film of all time. I honestly believe nothing can top it. It is the only thing I can truly consider a masterpiece.

But that's enough for today.... This weekend is pretty free and I've got some Blu-Ray rips of Irresponsible Captain Tylor dl'ing. I might also progress with Mobile Suit Gundam (I have sung the theme song far too many times today) or maybe attempt to finish Eyeshield 21 or Hayate no Gotoku.

I've just got these few series that are really killing me. I want to watch so many others, but past these few I've got currently on hold, I've got even more I've started and not finished!!

I'm currently watching nine series (one of which is an OVA), but I've got 12 more series on-hold. Lot's of irresponsible things like Gash Bell and Beelzebub.... What was I thinking!! I'm probably 40 or so episodes behind on Beelzebub!
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It's 2012!! The fifth. Nothing much has happened yet.

The other day, my sister moved back in, and with her she brought a few boxes of movies. Most of which I haven't seen!! One might think she must be a movie buff or a movie hipster, but it's quite the opposite... It's more like I have terrible taste and I skip the classics and other good films...

To give you an idea, here are my favourite films.

1. Redline
2. Shawshank Redemption
3. The Good, The Bad, The Weird
4. Lion King 2
5. Spy Kids
6. Every romantic comedy to ever exist

I really do have terrible taste.

We've decided to work through them and maybe watch a movie a night, which would be cool. There's a lot of films in there I've never seen but I've been meaning to.... Like Lord of the Rings. I fell asleep for the last two... Also Save the Last Dance, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Back to the Future.... films even my mother is almost scolding me for not having seen, hah.

Last night we picked The Ring (of which my sister has two copies of...). I've seen it before.... and I'll just put it out there that I am a huge puss puss. I'm in love with horror and the paranormal, but at the same time it kills me.... Just kills me. I almost like to frighten myself.

Anyhow, I remembered little of it, except that it terrified me when I was younger. When I first saw it, my sister had this old TV from when my parents first got married. So it's from the 80's. And it would turn on and do nice exhibits of static shows. If you've seen the film, you know what kind of frights that can spell out...

Anyhow, I made it through (with the help of my sister and my cat) and I was pleased to find it wasn't all that scary! Honestly, the scariest bit was the menu screen. They really did a nice job with it. The horse scenes were also rather frightening, but horses are just kind of scary in general. And the film inside the film itself. I love black and white grainy pictures and such, but hell do they scare me! I am terrified of Rosemary's Baby based on the gaudy grainy green cover alone. But yes, The Ring is now off the list as "has watched twice and is not afraid of it anymore". Another childhood fear!! Possibly conquered.... Or not.

And the whole time.... I would have killed myself!! What an awful world Rachel and co. live in. Drab buildings. I rather liked her apartment she lived in, but Noah's studio.... absolutely wretched. Everything is wretched. Really scary scenery they had.

Tonight we watched Julie & Julia or however which way the names go in order. I honestly don't care. This is another one I've seen before, but once again, it's been a while.... My mum really wished to watch it, and my sister finished reading Julie's novel recently which sparked her interest in it. I mean, why not watch it? The film was much more disappointing the second watch through.... I mean, since I know Julie Powell is an absolutely hilarious bitch and the film did no justice to it! The book is now on my to-read list (another long list....) and then her other book about her cheating on her husband and being a butcher. What a wonderful woman!! In a very sincere sense do I say these words. Wonderfully terrible assholes are sometimes something I think fondly of. But yes, anyway.... I gave up on the movie near the end since I needed a shower. And here I am, typing this...

I'm hoping to see some more movies, be it unfamiliar ones or selections I think fondly upon. I'm particularly interested in watching Crybaby with Johnny Depp and delving into my sister's fine collection of Gregory Peck films....

What I really want to see are more of Oskar Werner's films!! I've really loves some of his works, and he is kind of a really gorgeous man... With no local renting store, I fear we'll have to turn to an online source! Or bargain buying DVDs online?? Who knows! I don't have the money for this.

So I'll leave it at this. I think I've found a purpose for this blog. It's a simple one.

I think I'll just write my thoughts when I feel it necessary to write them. Fair enough!


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