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It's 2012!! The fifth. Nothing much has happened yet.

The other day, my sister moved back in, and with her she brought a few boxes of movies. Most of which I haven't seen!! One might think she must be a movie buff or a movie hipster, but it's quite the opposite... It's more like I have terrible taste and I skip the classics and other good films...

To give you an idea, here are my favourite films.

1. Redline
2. Shawshank Redemption
3. The Good, The Bad, The Weird
4. Lion King 2
5. Spy Kids
6. Every romantic comedy to ever exist

I really do have terrible taste.

We've decided to work through them and maybe watch a movie a night, which would be cool. There's a lot of films in there I've never seen but I've been meaning to.... Like Lord of the Rings. I fell asleep for the last two... Also Save the Last Dance, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Back to the Future.... films even my mother is almost scolding me for not having seen, hah.

Last night we picked The Ring (of which my sister has two copies of...). I've seen it before.... and I'll just put it out there that I am a huge puss puss. I'm in love with horror and the paranormal, but at the same time it kills me.... Just kills me. I almost like to frighten myself.

Anyhow, I remembered little of it, except that it terrified me when I was younger. When I first saw it, my sister had this old TV from when my parents first got married. So it's from the 80's. And it would turn on and do nice exhibits of static shows. If you've seen the film, you know what kind of frights that can spell out...

Anyhow, I made it through (with the help of my sister and my cat) and I was pleased to find it wasn't all that scary! Honestly, the scariest bit was the menu screen. They really did a nice job with it. The horse scenes were also rather frightening, but horses are just kind of scary in general. And the film inside the film itself. I love black and white grainy pictures and such, but hell do they scare me! I am terrified of Rosemary's Baby based on the gaudy grainy green cover alone. But yes, The Ring is now off the list as "has watched twice and is not afraid of it anymore". Another childhood fear!! Possibly conquered.... Or not.

And the whole time.... I would have killed myself!! What an awful world Rachel and co. live in. Drab buildings. I rather liked her apartment she lived in, but Noah's studio.... absolutely wretched. Everything is wretched. Really scary scenery they had.

Tonight we watched Julie & Julia or however which way the names go in order. I honestly don't care. This is another one I've seen before, but once again, it's been a while.... My mum really wished to watch it, and my sister finished reading Julie's novel recently which sparked her interest in it. I mean, why not watch it? The film was much more disappointing the second watch through.... I mean, since I know Julie Powell is an absolutely hilarious bitch and the film did no justice to it! The book is now on my to-read list (another long list....) and then her other book about her cheating on her husband and being a butcher. What a wonderful woman!! In a very sincere sense do I say these words. Wonderfully terrible assholes are sometimes something I think fondly of. But yes, anyway.... I gave up on the movie near the end since I needed a shower. And here I am, typing this...

I'm hoping to see some more movies, be it unfamiliar ones or selections I think fondly upon. I'm particularly interested in watching Crybaby with Johnny Depp and delving into my sister's fine collection of Gregory Peck films....

What I really want to see are more of Oskar Werner's films!! I've really loves some of his works, and he is kind of a really gorgeous man... With no local renting store, I fear we'll have to turn to an online source! Or bargain buying DVDs online?? Who knows! I don't have the money for this.

So I'll leave it at this. I think I've found a purpose for this blog. It's a simple one.

I think I'll just write my thoughts when I feel it necessary to write them. Fair enough!


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