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Y'know what today is? Today is Redline Day.

No, really though. Redline came out in the United States on BluRay and DVD today. I stopped by my local Best Buy and nearly pissed myself when I saw both versions at the front of the store. Bought the BluRay, considering as a stupid silly fan to also buy the DVD. I'm even considering buying the Japanese Limited Edition BluRay. I'm going crazy.

I've been anticipating this for over a year - the day I could finally hold it in my hands and watch it in my home and not by fansubs or rips.

I've seen it quite a few times before. I never really get sick of watching it since I notice a lot of different things. This time around, though, I watched it with my sister. Now, I've been hyping this movie up for her for over a year, and a million times as much after I actually saw it. Finally watching it with her... I was nervous. We both have very similar taste in music, video games, anime... most everything, really! But when you've pushed such high expectations unto someone, you HAVE to be a little nervous, right?

Well, I was sweating buckets. But this experience gave me a new look on Redline. I ended up nitpicking it throughout.

I can name a couple scenes in particular that really bothered me. Intensely so. These two are the worst, though.

1. After the Yellow Line when JP is in the hospital. The entire scene with the reporters. Grating repeated animation.

2. The scene where Volton goes to fight Funky Boy but hasn't been sucked into his techno-leech yet. Too much unnecessary animation.

There are a few other subtle parts that got to me, but all in all.... This still tops out as one of my favourites. I absolutely love this movie. So much.

And at the end, my sister told me she really liked it, and she also wished it was longer. Goddamn.

All in all, Redline is a really good movie and you should go buy it and just celebrate how great Redline is. Also the OST is really good.

I wish they would come out with some not limited and not-so-expensive figures. There are a few out there, but not only are they limited and not assured to production, but they're 1/10 scale and just super expensive. More expensive than those stupid sexy Hakuouki figures from Movic. Sigh.

Have a good night. Also we didn't watch a movie yesterday because I was feeling sick and I was watching KHReborn all day. This thing we're trying to do is going great! Not.


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