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Hey there. Today is the day where I don't do anything. No bike ride (I keep on falling further under the weather) and also no movie night, either.

So, why not introduce myself? So far, I'm a stupid internet anime nerd who is watching a bunch of movies but not doing a very good job so far.

So why not a picture of myself from yours truly...

Sorry for the awful picture... don't have the will to insert much effort.

Anyhow, I'm a teen finishing up her last year of high school. I have an affinity for oversized jackets and sweaters and all of my jeans have holes in them though I wish they didn't. My docksiders are my babies and they mean the world to me. My hair is also a mess of sorts between my natural blonde-ish brown and a mixture of dark hair dye that hasn't left me and this shampoo that brings out light blonde highlights. Frankly, it looks kind of gross, but whatever.

As one would probably figure by my previous posts, I really love anime. It started when I was in elementary school. Ryoko from Tenchi Muyo was my anime girlfriend and I had a secret infatuation with Zoids and such. I didn't get into it again until I watched Fullmetal Alchemist in middle school which, funny enough, I have not read the manga or finished either series. Call it odd! I really loved it when I was that age, though.

Anyhow, now I casually watch with the seasons and watch older series I've missed out on. I've currently got about 300 series complete and about 100 manga series finished.

Now, top 10s!

Anime Series
1. Kaiji 1+2
3. Ookiku Furikabutte 2nd Season
4. Chihayafuru
5. Samurai Champloo
6. Katanagatari
7. Detroit Metal City
8. Cromartie High School
9. Kuragehime
10. Mononoke

1. Millennium Actress
2. Redline
3. Kiki's Delivery Service
4. Tsumiki no Ie
5. The Cat Returns
6. The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya
7. Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva
8. Tokyo Godfathers
9. Howl's Moving Castle
10. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

1. Berserk
2. One Piece
3. Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan
5. Cat Street
6. Katekyou Hitman Reborn!
7. Yankee-kun to Megane-chan
8. Eyeshield 21
9. Until Death Do Us Part
10. High School Debut

I've just recently become a manga consumer (I used to buy them, but I ultimately stopped reading once I ceased the purchasing) so my tastes might be a little.... immature. I know I have hardly read any of the magnificent series out there, but I'm working on it. I also have a high tendency to read really awful shoujo series.

I'm also an avid anime figure collector in my head. I do have a collection and I am active in the community, but I don't have the funds currently to really put myself into the hobby. I do order what I can, though, and I love it all!! Hugs figures I have.

Aaaand enough about anime. I also really love music a lot. I play the bagpipes personally, and I casually play the piano and whistle. I also used to play violin, but hell if I remember anything with that.

Another Top 10 list!! My fave musicians.
1. Stars
2. Labyrinth Ear
3. Small Black
4. Gem Club
5. The Notwist
6. Das Racist
7. Kid Cudi
8. Sleigh Bells
10. Satellite Stories

It changes all the time!! I really love listening to music though. Usually whatever I do is backed by it. Even when I'm in class I'm listening... even though generally they discourage it. I just function a lot better. I've been pretty sad lately because earlier this year my Zune died of harddrive failure so I'm using my old 4GB Creative Zen which hardly holds any music at all. That is just how it is, though!! I'm hoping one day my Zune will wake up one day and I will kiss it on the screen.

And what else is there to write about? I'm passive aggressive and very shy in real life and the internet. In real life I don't really leave my room much. I don't have very many friends, either. I have two really good friends whom both live rather far away, so seeing them is rather difficult and is certainly not often, either.... I wish I lived closer to them.

Online I have lots of friends!!! Even though I'm still pretty awkward I'm more myself here.... Which I'm glad for because they're all really cool and friendly and sweet and I hope they never read this because hello I'm a creepie pie.

Hmmmm I'm afraid of the dark and I had a phobia of birds for a while before Charley Harper healed my heart with his bird art. I'm not sure if I hate horror things or not because it scares me shitless but I humour the ideas constantly anyway. Which, in turn, is why I am afraid of the dark.

I love cats and my brother's cat is my biggest love ever. His name is Nico and he is such an awful thing but he can be such a sweetheart!! All the scratches on my hands are from him but that is because he has a lot of energy and he's a bit moody. I love him so much though he is an angel!!!!

And Nico is a good conclusion I'll leave it at that.


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