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Tonight we watched Arabesque starring Gregory Peck! My sister has a Gregory Peck film collection, so we picked one of the few she had seen. I hadn't seen it before.

It was pretty hit or miss with me. I really love Gregory Peck and how in a lot of his roles he is a glorious asshole. In this one I still really appreciated his character (I'm a sucker for terrible jokes), but all the rest of the characters and plot just didn't do it for me. The beginning of the movie was terribly interesting, but past that it was a pure drag. What stereotyping, too!

From now, I have no idea as to what we'll be watching tomorrow. Alls I know is that I'm rather tired.

Last night I finished Fate/Zero and I'm very excited for the second part to start in April. Waver and Rider are really just such charming characters. Oddly enough, Ryuunosuke and Caster are very interesting to me, too.... Even though they are grand monsters themselves.... Scary as fuck, I'd say.

I'm also really getting back into Katekyou Hitman Reborn!. I was really into it when I was in middle school, but just recently I picked it up again and I am now into the Future arc. It feels pretty odd, but I'm at a point now where it is entirely new material to me. When I stopped last time was around episode 80 which was near the beginning of the Future arc... Of course, I'm reading it this time, so I'm not sure how it correlates. To think I once kept up with this show! What dedication to stick through 80 episodes straight.... I think the only time I've been so devoted was Inazuma Eleven or Yumeiro Patissiere, heh. Anyhow, I'm really enjoying it despite how silly the plot is many times. My inner 14 year old is in love with Hibari - for his looks and his personality, and it's baffling me how silly it feels. My overall favourite has always been Lambo (5 year old form is my favourite), along with Ryouhei and Haru, but Hibari is killing me this time around. It's really moe when he is all forgetful and baby baby..... Alright, enough of that, self!

Nisemonogatari - I watched Bakemonogatari when it was airing to see what the rage was about it, and I have a tsundere like for it. Problem #1. I hate SHAFT. Problem #2. I hate Senjyougahara. These are two very big problems. Luckily, the rest of the characters make up for those two points and I found myself really liking the series.

Nisemonogatari had a very nice first episode if you removed the Senjyougahara beginning. She is so pretentious it drives me up a wall. I really enjoy Mayoi's and Araragi's interactions, so the rest of the episode is nice. I'm looking forward to more.

And on SHAFT... Hate is a strong word. I just find myself disliking most of their works. I'll admit I adore Arakawa Under the Bridge and its sequel, and Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei tickles my funny bone at times (I haven't watched Goku or Zan yet), but many of their works just don't fit me.

My least favourite would have to be Dance of the Vampire Bund or Madoka Magica. Dance of the Vampire Bund is just purely terrible. Madoka Magica.... I will admit the premise is interesting, but the characters are so trite (aside from QB and Homura) that the whole 12 episodes felt like a waste of something that could have been much more interesting.

I've been thinking of rewatching Madoka, though.... So many of my friends adore it, and it almost feels like I am missing something. I wonder if I watched it with my hate goggles on? It almost feels like it.

Anyhow, good day to you.


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