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Jan. 7th, 2012 10:45 pm
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Tonight we watched Crybaby!! I thought it would be pretty serious, but man was that quickly thrown out the window. Another really good movie. Hatchet-face is adorable and Wanda is such a babe. Really good parents, too. Really really loved it. Wanted to draw all of the Drapes.

I mentioned Roman Holiday, so we might watch that tomorrow and then go through all of Gregory Peck's films. Past that.... well, we have no idea!!

Redline comes out on Blu-Ray on the 17th, and I'm hoping I can pick it up so we can finally watch it together. I've been talking about it for so many months, the two of us watching it. My hopes can finally be realized!! Something to be very excited about.

I also watched the first three episodes of Irresponsible Captain Taylor. I'm personally not that fond of space-themed shows. I find the space battles and things a bit too irritating. (Some Gundams and Legend of the Galactic Heroes aside) Tylor is enough to keep me loving it, though. What a cute sincere dude!

And I was talking to a friend about Fate/Stay Night's ending and I realized I hadn't finished Fate/Zero. I'm on it right now, and boy.... I've got three more episodes, but this show sure is a ride. Quality is always amazing (though I did see some low points in episode nine. Poor Irisviel). Surprisingly, I'm hardly interested in Saber and co. at all.... despite my love for Saber!! Rider and Waver are just so charismatic.... Many of the characters are.

And I also have to say this about episode 10... I think it has been my favourite so far. I'm personally really afraid of the dark, let along being by myself in the dark. Rin's adventure seriously scared me as she went through the alley ways, especially when you know the motives of Caster's master (cannot think of his name) and Rin's age. It made me realize I really love Rin. She's more of my baby than Saber I think. My Fate baby. (◡‿◡✿)

Well, enough of that. A good night to you.
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